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The Do iT experts offer you operational support in the industrial sectors with high technological value.


Interconnection systems, wiring technologies, electrical, electronic and structural architectures, avionics and fuselages. We accompany your developments from the design office to the implementation of efficient production lines.

avion Do iT Platinium
avion Do iT Platinium - spécialiste hypermanufacturing


Electronic board design, prototyping, near and best cost manufacturing, deployment of Lean and Agile methods. We help you to accelerate your transformation.

Space and Defence

High technicality and excellence are our key words. We are familiar with the industrial processes and expectations of the most demanding clients.

planete - Do iT Platinium - spécialiste hypermanufacturing
robot - Do iT Platinium - spécialiste hypermanufacturing

IoT & Embedded

We deploy innovative solutions to help you make the transition to 4.0 Industry.

IT & Fintech

IT development, software, Saas, telecom networks. We support you in your technical professions.

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