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Special offshore partnership in India!

News - 04/12/2020

Special offshore partnership in India!

Interoperability – strengthen the competitiveness of your developments by combining development in France with the best cost


Many will tell you about the competitiveness of Indian engineering but also about the bad experiences experienced with a very high level of quality or rework.

India is a continent in itself and you can find everything there.


At Do iT we have developed a collaboration with our partner: AMM Enterprise which, with its German-Indian duality and therefore its European and Indian cultural knowledge, knows the European qualities requirements in engineering and IT.

Thanks to their know-how of more than 10 years we develop a recognized expertise:

  • Industrial co-development (Automotive, aeronautics,..)
  • Computer co-development (soft, 5G, fintech)


Our methodology is based on a mixed team:
  • A project manager implant at our client’s home to ensure follow-up, responsiveness, quality and communication.
  • A leading development team in Bangalore that develops at best cost.

We are sure to be able to join you with the best value for money/speed on the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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