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News - 09/11/2020



You’ve probably heard of Lean before.

The principle:

  • Muda – Reduce non-value (waste, 7 wastes, unnecessary stains…)
  • Muri –   Reduce excesses (unnecessary stocks)
  • Mura-   Reduce irregularities (stabilizing production)

Based on Kaisen – Continuous improvement, we improve step by step.

We measure by setting up KPI (key performance indicators) – in principle no more than 6. increasingly complexify methods of improvement at each stage of digestion by organizations:


5S, value stream mapping,  problem solving  s  (A3 report,  Ishikawa…) …


The important thing is to highlight the problems in order to be able to solve them.


It is very important to put in place a very good visual management that allows to visualize the problems where they are and to have management on the ground (Gemba) so that the management accompanies the teams in small daily improvements and ensure the necessary responsiveness.


Initially focused on production, we find these principles today in administrative tasks and in development (engineering and computer science).


We are seeing more and more of the use of the agile method with these weekly sprints that allow continuous improvement thanks to simple and fast stain loops that are takt by the week.


So what does hypermanufacturing bring into all of this?


Well,  the institutionalization of 3 concepts that take into account the technological but above all societal evolution that everyone must have in mind when organizing structures for the improvement of our modern societies:


Hyperfugality – we see our planet changing and our resources are drying up. Our organizations must take into account today when designing the reduction of the resources necessary for development, production, but also the operation and repairability of components.

Hyper-agility – because as the impact of the Covid crisis demonstrates, we need to adapt quickly and make decisions close to the ground while empowering all levels of the organization – we need to change the organization to stick to the news and the field and make everyone a proactive and up-to-date actor on their environment to react in conscience.

Hyperconnectivity – our universe is now digital: connected objects (IOT), cloud, big data are all concepts that are upsetting the economic world with technological and commercial breakthroughs, which change all strata of the economy. Organizations absolutely need to be totally connected.


Do iT can coach you in these transformations by putting in place the operational tools of the Hyperlean that allow you to increase the value created and become the model on your trades.

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