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When SELFY meets Do iT

News - 03/02/2021

When SELFY meets Do iT

Do iT & Selfy 

The meeting of skills around an agile and caring philosophy.

How to link the constraints of the business practices facing technological changes in an uncertain world and new behaviors of employees less and less inclined to make a living in a company.
At Do iT, we offer all forms of collaboration with our clients, whether in the form of recruitment or, more often, intellectual delivery. In this case we propose an integrated wage collaboration or, when the employee wishes to maintain his/her autonomy, via salary portage.
We chose SELFY as our wage-carrying partner because we share our values with 4I:
  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Intensity

The ones that set us apart from our competition.


SELFY is a French wage porting company 2.0! It offers an innovative form of employment to every person wishing to retain the status of employee, while enjoying the freedom of independence: SECURITY – FREE!
The approach at SELFY is explained by a fully digitalized support of our partners and employees. While maintaining a social and transparent approach to the process.
Digital technology at the service of humans to revolutionize the world of work!
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